Fiona pre/post bedtime drawings.

Fiona is 16 months-old now, and has just started waking up a half hour after bedtime every night. She screams until we come rescue her from her crib. One of the best ways I’ve found to calm her down is to bring her out to my desk and do a little doodle for her on the computer. Most likely this is the start of a very long ongoing series.


Click it to big it.


A quick digi-sketch of a nearby alleyway at magic hour.


The first piece in a series of drawings I did while driving across country this month.

This was the house we lived at in Newburyport. Really busted place, but it had some mysterious charm that I can’t help but miss.

From here, I headed west to Pennsylvania.


The Rider.

I’m sure after the announcement of a new baby and months of no posts at all you’d expect at least a nice sketch of Fiona breastfeeding or something cute like that. But no, I give you this instead.


Amazing thing, the collective consciousness. I did this a while back for Alex Cahill, and just came across a slightly different version on a t-shirt.


Book signing at Modern Myths on Patriots Day.

The lovely folks at Modern Myths are having a signing and discussion of Freedom No. 1. Come on down to Northampton if you can make it, and we’ll talk mythology, revolution, alt-history and of course the craft of comics.

Modern Myths
34 Bridge Street #4
Northampton, MA 01060

April 16th (Patriots Day!) at 7 PM

Fiona sleeps

A little nap gave me the chance I’ve been waiting for. Painted with Brushes on the iPhone.


© Seamus Heffernan